Award winning business

The best.

Most companies will try to convince you that they are the best or at least, very good. They may even try to say their competition is very poor. Self praise is no recommendation.

Pali is the best.

Don’t just take our word for it we can prove it. Look at our awards.

  • 2015 Best search platform. Our clients love us.
  • 2016 Best search provider. Our clients still love us.
  • 2016 Best in class, customer service. Our clients love us more.
  • 2016 Best use of technology. Our franchisees love us.
  • 2016 Overall supplier of the year. Everybody loves us.

Wow, impressive.

Our clients were approached by an independent company and asked to rate our service in several categories. We received the highest rating ever recorded of 98.7%. It would have been 100% but one client said he did not use our system as his secretary was the person who dealt with us. We wish he had passed the researcher over to her. In any case we are very proud of our staff and our franchisees.