Contact Us

In the first instance we suggest you contact head office by calling 0800 023 5030 and asking to speak to Nick Snr. or emailing at He will be delighted to answer all your questions.

More information can be sent to you at this point, such as a franchise information memorandum which gives various examples of profit and costs for given turn overs.

If this ignites your interest, then an appointment can be arranged for you to visit head office and meet the team.

Available territories can be discussed and any other reservations you may have on a no obligation basis.

The next step would be to sign an intention to proceed agreement to reserve an acceptable territory.

A contract would be provided for you to show to your solicitor for approval.

If the contract is approved, we would both sign it and arrange a suitable start date.

Arrangements would be made for you to attend head office for training.

While the training is progressing our marketing team would be busy marketing solicitors in your territory.

You would be provided with access to the Pali system and given a dedicated business email address.

Welcome to the team.