Is Pali For You?

What do you want?

We have explained what Pali does and how we do it.

We have indicated the benefits you can hope to achieve. You must ask yourself if these benefits are what you are looking for.

What will I need to bring?

There are certain character and personal skills and aptitudes required for success.

  • A positive, “can do” attitude.
  • A pleasant, “glass half full” demeanor.
  • Self confidence, when talking to senior partners and managers on the ‘phone and face to face.
  • Tenacity, to keep plugging away with marketing your service.
  • Diligence, to ensure your reports are 100% accurate at all times.
  • Literacy, verbal, written and computer literacy, to enable you to use the technology we will provide to you to communicate with your clients and suppliers.

Do I fit the bill?

If you are confident, positive, pleasant, diligent, literate and possess tenacity then, yes, you do fit the bill and are the type of person we are looking for to join our elite team of franchisees.

Pali is not just any franchise. Pali is a top quality operator in a top quality field dealing with top quality clients, who are mainly legal professionals, and suppliers who are local authorities, water companies, coal authority and other mega corporations.

To fit the bill you will need to be a top quality individual.

Pali and You