The Financials

How much can I earn?

This very much depends on you, the individual. It is not possible to determine how much effort you will put in to developing your business so we cannot determine how successful you will be and how much you will earn.

Can you give me an idea?

All our franchisees have the same size areas and have the same potential for earnings.

  • There is no lower limit.
  • We can tell you how much our most successful franchisee earns.
  • We can give you a breakdown of profit and loss and cost of sales for given turn over amounts.
  • A lot depends on how much you want to earn. If your comfort zone is set at £50k then that is all you will earn.
  • As with most business’s it is about return on effort.
  • It is in our interest to assist you and encourage you to earn as much as possible.


We want our franchisees to be successful and will work hard on their behalf. We will give them the tools, assistance and encouragement to achieve their goals.

The first step on the road to success is to contact Pali.

Pali and You