The Opportunity - Pali and You

What does a Pali franchise offer you?

The chance to work with a great team who are determined to be “the best in the sector” and to ensure that our franchisees reap the benefits.

What are the benefits?

Working with Pali gives many benefits which make your life more content. Here are just a few.

  • Potential for high earnings.
  • Low stress levels.
  • Great working conditions.
  • Superb work / life balance.
  • Fantastic job satisfaction.
  • Kudos, working for solicitors in an ethical and respected sector.

Data; a growth industry.

More and more individuals and companies are demanding information and data on which to base their decisions. This particularly applies to environmental information.

When we first entered the search sector the conveyancers and mortgage providers only required a local authority search. Now we have a menu of dozens of searches and reports which continues to grow.

Pali and its franchisees are idealy placed to source and supply this information and will continue to apply our technology and expertise to this effort.

Pali and You