What is Pali?

In 1999, Professional Property Searches (PPS) was started to provide local authority searches to local solicitors in competition with the Merseyside and Wirral local councils.


The company rapidly expanded and the service was requested nationwide. We had to decide how to service these requests, employ local agents, or franchise the business. It was decided that franchising would be the most reliable way of growing the business.

Our service requires a high level of integrity and we felt that we would more readily gain this from individuals running their own company under a franchise arrangement.

Professional Help

We adopted the name Property And Land Information (PALI) and employed franchise consultants to ensure we developed a first class franchise package. This had to include:

  • A first class operating system for the franchisees.
  • A first class ordering system for their clients.
  • A first class delivery system for the searches.
  • First class training for the franchisees.
  • First class and ongoing support for the franchisees.
  • A value for money franchise package.

What is Pali?